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Make your stay in Prague more adventurous and try to see Prague or Prague´s surroundings from bird's eye view!
From CZK 2500 per three persons

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EECERA 2007 -- 17th EECERA Annual Conference: Exploring Vygotsky's Ideas: 	Crossing Borders

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Tourist Information

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Nadace VIZE 97 Reduced entrance fee to the Kafka Museum and the Mucha Museum with booking from us!

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Enjoy your comprehensive spa treatment in the heart of the Carlsbad spa zone for just a few hours or a couple of days!
Currently from CZK 600 / € 24 per person


The Zamecke lazne (Castle Spa) is located in the heart of the Carlsbad spa zone, in the vicinity of the Market and the Hot Spring Colonnade. Zamecke lazne (the Castle Bath) is one of the most beautiful spa centres in Europe and to its guests, it provides a wide range of curative and relaxation programmes. We are happy to offer you comprehensive spa treatment for just a few hours or couple of days.

Transfer to Karlovy Vary is not included in the price. Easy Prague would be glad to arrange transfer to Karlovy Vary from Prague and back and arrange  local guide service if you want. Then  you can enjoy your whole day trip to Karlovy Vary.

Prices - Zamecke lazne (Castle Spa)

The entrance to Castle Spa is only permitted to children older than 12 years. Exception is the family programme: one child older than 3 years may access only if accompanied by 2 adults. For security reasons pregnant women have no access to the Spa.

Programm Season
P A 1 week of ambulatory treatment € 186  â‚¬223
€ 239
medical examination + 5x programmes P 3 + 1x programme P1

P 4 Programme "SUPERIOR" € 65
€ 74
€ 83

4 hours ( total body classical massage 40 min + pearl bath + 2 minor spa procedures)

P 3 Programme "CLASSIC" € 43
€ 48
€ 58

3 hours ( 1 major + 2 minor spa procedures )

P 2 Programme "WELLNESS" € 33
€ 39 € 48

2 hours from ( 1 major + 1 minor spa procedure )

P 1 Programme "RELAX" € 22
€ 30
€ 37

1 hour from 7,30 a.m. (Sat+Sun 8,30 a.m.) and 6,00 p.m. ( 1 minor procedure )

P F Programme "FAMILY" € 46
€ 58
€ 71

2 hours for 2 pers. from 2,00 p.m. ( 2 minor procedures per person + swimming pool)

P W Programme "WEEKEND" € 60
€ 71
€ 77

2x 3 hour entry - Saturday + Sunday ( 2 major + 2 minor proc. in all )

We are using fixed average rate of 1 EUR = 24.5 CZK in our pricelist. Final price in EUR will be subject to the exchange rate that is valid during your stay. The EUR to CZK rates may slightly change according to current bank exchange rates.

*  Included: free use of thermomineral swimming pool, circulation massage shower and japanese acupressure pool
* All programmes (expect P1, P2 and PF) Included: free use of bath gown and bath towel. Programmes P1, P2 and PF includes sheet and bath gown and bath towel are for fee EUR 5
*  Wearing a Swimsuit is obligatory!

Choice of procedures without medical prescription:
Major Minor
partial classical massage (15 - 20 min.) kneipp hydrotherapy
underwater massage oxygenotherapy
pearl bath ultrasound inhalation
thermomineral bath electroaerosol inhalation
  gum irrigation
I 14.1. - 15.3. / 17.11. - 21.12.
II 16.3. - 20.4. / 12.5. - 31.7. / 13.10. - 16.11.
III 21.4. - 11.5. 
/ 1.8. - 12.10. / 22.12. - 13.1.

All programmes and prices can change during the year.

Opening hours of Castle Bath
MO - FR07:30 - 19:30
SA - SU08:30 - 19:30

Services and Offer – Zamecke lazne (Castle Spa)

Pregnant women may not use this facility. Bathing suite is obligation.

Main indication

    * Gastrointestinal tract disorders
    * Functional disorders of the spine
    * Respiratory system disorders
    * Diabetes mellitus

The Castle Spa curative programme includes

    * Swimming pool exercise
    * Carbonic, pearl-bubble, and thermal baths
    * Underwater massage
    * Scotch showers
    * Kneipp hydrotherapy
    * Gum irrigation
    * Ultrasound inhalation
    * Electroaerosol inhalation
    * Complete electrotherapy
    * Classic massage
    * Reflex massage
    * Oxygen therapy
    * Dry carbon bath
    * Infrabox

Physiatric and Balneological Procedures Provided during Treatment at Zamecke lazne (Castle Spa)

Classic massage Mechanical action on the skin and subcutaneous tissue, conditions the skin tonus, expands veins and arteries, improves blood circulation, lymph drainage, stimulates muscle tension, restores the functions of the whole body to normal.

Underwater massage Joint effect of an isothermal bath and a massage with a flow of water applied under the pressure of 1.5 – 2.5 atmospheres. The effect of water pressure on the skin and muscles results in enhanced blood circulation in body tissues, thereby reducing inflammatory and painful processes, fatigue, and improving the overall health condition of the body.

Electrotherapy Based on the administered type, electrotherapy has a stimulating, anti-inflammatory or a relieving effect.

Carbonic baths
Natural carbon dioxide dissolved in water penetrates into the bloodstream through the skin and produces an intense vasodilative (expanding vessels) effect.

Pearl-bubble baths
Baths with a mild massage and excellent psycho-relaxing effect.

Hydrotherapy according to Kneipp (contrast lower limb baths) Alternating application of hot and cold water on biologically active points distributed in large numbers on the foot sole, on lower limb blood vessels, with a positive effect on the cardiovascular, immune and nervous system, tempering of the body, stimulation of biological processes.

Dry carbon baths Their effect is similar to water carbonic baths, while eliminating the impact of hydrostatic water pressure.

Ultrasound inhalation with herbal extracts A refined combination of medicinal herbs administered in the form of aerosol has a positive anti-inflammatory effect on the air passages, enhances humidity and aid in improved expectoration.

Oxygen therapy Inhalation of air enriched with oxygen. Oxygen is transported through the bloodstream to all organs and tissues of the body; on the cell level, it stimulates biochemical processes in the whole body. Thereby improving the activity of the brain cells, the cardiovascular system, etc.

Electroaerosol inhalation A special apparatus creates aerosol from Castle Spring mineral water. Micro droplets of mineral water penetrate into the air passages, moisturize the mucosa of the bronchi, and have an anti-inflammatory effect.

Scotch showers A jet of water is applied under the pressure of approximately 2 atmospheres with the alternating effect of hot and cold water, resulting in an intense stimulation of the whole body.

Underwater foot sole acupressure By walking on irregular stones in a small pool with mineral water, pressure is applied to the biologically active points on the foot sole, stimulating the biological processes of the body are stimulated, as well as the vegetative nervous system, and supporting the physiological transversal and longitudinal arch of the foot.

Gum irrigation Micro-massage with a stream of mineral water applied through a ceramic mouthpiece. It favourably counteracts paradentosis and aids in the remedy of functional digestion disorders (salivation).



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