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EECERA 2007 -- 17th EECERA Annual Conference: Exploring Vygotsky's Ideas: 	Crossing Borders

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Nadace VIZE 97 Reduced entrance fee to the Kafka Museum and the Mucha Museum with booking from us!

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Laterna Magika is a uniquely Czech theatre experience, a wonderful and very special combination of film, music, visual effects, and ballet. Because the story unfolds visually, there are no language barriers to Laterna Magika.
Currently from CZK 490 / € 20 per person


Laterna Magika is a uniquely Czech theatre experience, a wonderful and  very special combination of film, music, visual effects, and ballet.
Because the story unfolds visually, there are no language barriers to Laterna Magika. See the description of performance below.


Prague is a town vowen with legends and myths, some of which get introduced by our new multimedia show: e.g. that about the most famous inhabitants of the Faust's House – Faust and the English alchymist Edward Kelley; that about Chanina, the daughter of a Jewish merchant, who refuses bridegrooms offered her and, lead with love of a mysterious Lord of the River Vltava, steps into the river and uses to come back on the roofs just in the shape of a green cat; that about secret meeetings of the Emperor Rudolf II. with the philosopher and mystic as well as a great personality of the Jewish culture in Prague – Rabbi Löw and his homunculus Golem; and last but nost least about the legend connected with the construction of the Astronomical Clock of the Old Town.
The new project of Laterna Magica comes out from the performance of the Black Light Theatre of Jiří Srnec which was being staged during the nineties (Ahasver, Timewalker, The Prague Walker). Now, it is its principal adaptation for Laterna Magica with a new music and choreography. With this new performance, we will commemorate the 80th birthday of Jiří Srnec, not only one of the significant creators of Laterna Magica but mainly the founder and artistic director of the Jiří Srnec's Black Light Theatre – “a little theatre of big miracles“.


Welcome to our miraculous circus where you can join two clowns following the mysterious beauty of Venus, experiencing numerous adventures. Enjoy a performance full of perfectly attuned scenic dance, pantomime and black theatre.


This performance will let you venture beneath the colourful surface of the modern characters and symbols, being part of the pulsing urban expansiveness. Let yourselves be drawn into dynamic image animation and modern choreography in human stories taking place underneath that surface.

This play will present one of the possible attempts to interpret the life of Giacomo Casanova, whom history has labelled a symbol of untiring and passionate seducer of women.
A rich palette of music, film and dance will accompany you on a journey through a part of the life of the famous man, which stood as base for the legend.

This  performance which we have this time prepared for you is a little bit as famed as unknown. It is a constructed programme – a package of the best display of our performances.  Some of them you maybe know from your previous visit of Laterna magika, others may attract you to see the whole version of the shows which are still on repertory. Cocktail 008 is compound of the most-like showcase of our audience. Our guides will lead you through a bit of dynamic rythm, playful movements as well as lyrical passages – all framed with a film collage.
If the first part of our performance is a „spicy dessert“ mixed of „the best“, the second part is something like a sweet cherry on the top. It is called CODE 58.08. Under this mysterious name is hidden a small „show“ in which we distincly want to introduce the classical bases of our world-famous theatre. We wish you a pleasant entertainment which will remind you more than our past meetings with Laterna Magika!


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