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Beas - vegetarian dhaba

"It is our motto to offer food prepared in a way that is highly considerate towards the surrounding world, while being tasty, nutritious and affordable for the general public. Our recipes come from the vegetarian cuisine of North India. We use neither eggs, meat or fish nor products that contain any traces of them.

Mon-Fri 8.30 - 20.00
Sat-Sun 10.00 - 18.00

Praha1, Tynska 19 (in the courtyard)

Caf? Imperial

Art-nouveau style caf?. Sandwiches, cakes, salad bar and one special  offer:  Saturnin´s bowl for 1943 CZK

- bowl of yesterday´s doughnuts that you can throw at other costumers (served only for sorbet people, more than 21 age, payment in advance required)

Danger! Warning for good costumers! The bowl is visibly stationed on the bar. If you don´t see it there leave quickly coffee room, if you stay longer it´s only a one´s own risk! :-)

Address: Praha 1, Na Porici str. 15 



Dahab in Prague is an oasis of repose and, as the old prints and magazines say, a place where people can doze, play and wheel and deal.

Delicious tea of various kinds, water-pipes with scented tobacco, Arabian sweets of irresistible taste, Moorish coffee drank from Turkish coffee-pots, mellow wines and liqueurs and couscous – a traditional North African dish – prepared according to different recipes, those are the temptations that one cannot possibly resist.

Dahab is a tearoom, a sweet shop, a Moorish caf? and a couscous shop (known to some of you from the Roxy Club) under one roof, whose motto is this perfect thought: ?You enter in the morning to start your day with a nourishing breakfast, at noon the wonderful smell blowing gently from the kitchen holds you up for lunch and as dusk falls, not being able to resist the delicacies of this place, you stay with friends for dinner, leaving at midnight, refreshed and content…?

Open: Mo - Su 12:00 - 01:00
Address:Praha 1, Dlouha 33
reservation: 224 827 375

Govinda Vegetarian Club

This is the Prague franchise of the Hare Krishna's. Once upon a time all these Govinda restaurants offered meals for free or just a donation (some still do on Sundays). Today there's a standard price for a basic menu for less than 3 Euros.
Much of the produce is grown on the Krishna's organic farm.
There's also a bakery downstairs with delectible treats!

Open:  Mo - Fr  from 11.00 to 17.30
Address: Praha 1, Soukenick?? 27


Francouzska restaurace v Obecnim dome

French restaurant  in  Municipal house

Dining at the court of Louis XIV. usually took several hours. "Important" discursions were held in between individual courses. And amidst all this hectic pace of the present times, it has become very important again to find time for a small "banquet" with one's friends. Try to revive the olden times, turn off your cellular phone for 2 or 3 hours and devote a little time to yourself and your friends at a common dining table.

The French Restaurant offers you not only splendid Art Deco premises, admired throughout Europe, but also a new wine preservation technology - Vinojet, which allows to serve even just one single glass of wine.

Plzenska restaurace v Obecnim dome

Pilsener Restaurant in  Municipal house

Restaurant is serving typical Czech dishes and excellent Pilsener beer. All meals are prepared to you by the team headed by chef de cuisine and confectioner - members of the Czech National Representation Team of Chefs and Confectioners.

Obecni dum - Municipal house,
Praha 1, Namesti Republiky 5



Maly Buddha - Little Buddha

Oriental tearoom and restaurant

"The eminent feeling of serenity that greets you as you walk thorough the doors at Maly Buddha almost never leaves you."

Uvoz 44, Praha 1, Mala Strana
Open: Every day exept Mondays


Pizzeria Kmotra          

Located in the quiet Vorsilska Street in the City center, close to the National Theatre, Pizzeria Kmotra is one of the oldest pizzerias in Prague. In addition, there is just opened a new Kmotra pizzeria in Andel on Jindricha Plachty Street.

The chefs at Kmotra abide by traditional Italian recipes and prepare their pizzas in wood-heated ovens right in front of your eyes. 
There is 26 kinds of pizza served and each of  guests can also choose from the wide selection of ingredients and customize own pizza.
Range of fresh salads, home made pasta and lasagna  offered as well.

 Kmotra 1 - address: Praha 1,V Jircharich 12 (near by National Theatre)

reservation phone: 224 934 100

Kmotra 2 - address: Praha 5, Jindricha Plachty 27 (Andel)

reservation phone: 257 328 958

U Zavesenyho kafe

Time has stopped in this  real czech "old school" pub. Enjoy it!

 Address: Praha1, Uvoz 6 (at Prague Castle), phone: 257 532 868


TV Tower

Enjoy the service at the air-conditioned sightseeing compartments housing a restaurant that seats 52, a caf? for 54, and a lounge for up to 30 people, a dizzying 63 meters above Prague. Next to a great view, these restaurant facilities serve specialties of Czech and international cuisine.

Enjoy a breathtaking view of the city literally from bird's eye perspective!

 Address:Praha 3, Mahlerovy sady 1

reservations: +420 242 418 778



U Sedmi svabu

The tavern called "At the seven Swabians" is hereby opening its hospitality towards you. Sit down at the table and let us refresh you with beer, wine and mead as well as feed you with dishes that bid abundance of taste and smell. Let the landlord fill your mugs over and over again and become charmed by the music and lovely maids - we are in the year 1493!

 Address: Praha 1, Jansky vrsek 14 (near by Prague castle)