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Frantisek Kupka - Otto Guttfreund - Central European Modern Art

We would like to present to you and invite you to visit Museum Kampa – the Jan and Meda Mladek Foundation


Abstract art

Museum Kampa's biggest enticements are the works by the artist Franti??ek Kupka, which represent one of the largest and most important collections of this Czech artist in the world. Frantisek Kupka belongs amongst the founders of abstract art and this exposition presents a cross section of his creations from his earliest periods to his purely abstract works.

Cubistic art

Furthermore, visitors can view another significant collection featuring an important Czech sculptor of the first half of the 20th century, Otto Guttfreund. Represented in the museum are sculptures from his cubistic period, as well as creations with expressionistic tones and his social realism sculptures.

Modern art

Another reason why one should visit Museum Kampa is the exposition featuring Czech, Slovak, Polish, Hungarian art, and art works from the former Yugoslavia. These pieces are from the second half of the 20th century. Visitors can view works created during the Communist regime, which clearly formulate the emotions of the artists, who were often times in difficult professional and living conditions.


The Museum offers  a commentated tour in English, French and German.


Visitors to Prague will definitely be very enchanted by the area where Museum Kampa is located – close to Charles’ bridge in the centre of the Kampa park on the banks of the Vltava.


The Sova’s Mills building itself contributes to the attractiveness of Museum Kampa along with its modern architectural components.  Sova’s Mills are the first and oldest mills on Kampa. The oldest written mention of its existence is from the year 1393. In the 19th century the mills destiny is closely tied with miller family Odkolek, who built the two-floor residential wing in a neo-gothic style.

The modern conception of Sova’s Mills is a result of the architect Helena Bukovanska. With the help of several artists the building was enriched by several artistic glass objects – the glass foot-bridge by Vaclav Cigler which extends across the terrace and ends in a glass overhang over floating channel in the Vltava river. The other glass object is the cube by the artist Marian Karel which finishes off the stairwell. From the terrace at the top of the tower one has a beautiful view of the Prague Castle.

We would like to take this opportunity to inform you about Museum Kampa’s current program. There is something for everyone.

On November 8 we christened the latest book in the series Correspondences of Ji?? Voskovec and Jan Werich. This book is the second of a three volume set, and deals with letters written between 1963 – 1968, and can be purchased either in our Museum shop or in other high quality book stores.

At the same time we opened the second part of the Theodor Pi??těk exhibition. He is one of the most distinct individuals of Czech painting and installations. This part of the exhibition focuses on his works from the nineteen seventies, which deal with the theme of space. The exhibition runs until the 24th of November and a few days later we will open the third part of the exhibition.

In the main floor of Museum Kampa is the exhibition of the Czech-American Frank Malina, titled Point – Line – Universe, which runs until January 7th, 2008. Unfortunately he is not well known in the Czech Republic, but you will be intrigued by his pioneering work in the area of light-kinetic art.

The Ji?? Mr??zek – Little Squares exhibition has been extended until the December 2. This exhibition presents his colourful abstract studies of the relationship between coloured tones.

The permanent exhibition is comprised of Central European modern art, and of course also includes exquisite works by Franti??ek Kupka and Otto Gutfreund.

If you would like to get to know the collections better, we offer commentated private tours of the museum, which need to be booked in advance. We also offer a wide range of books and exhibition catalogues in our museum shop located in the former Stables building.

We are looking forward to seeing you in Museum Kampa.

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