Farm In The Cave Theatre Studio

Farm in the Cave

An International Theatre Studio focuses on creation, development and research of human expression. Farm in the Cave finds its definition in relations: me - you, body - voice, culture - nature, public - intimate, research - creation. Farm in the Cave searches for body articulation to express what is impossible to express with other means. Farm in the Cave finds inspiration in uncommon musical territories, fragments of culture manifestation, human touch, architecture of space, and personal statement. The existence of the theatre studio is related to the path of creation and research of the director Viliam Docolomansky. It is consequence of his former experiences as director. The activities of Farm in the Cave focuse not only on creating new productions but also on leading workshops, organizing concerts and expeditions to minority indigenous cultures.
The name ?Farm in the Cave? is a literal translation of the word „Daimuz?, which was the name of Lorca?s family farm. The history of the theatre studio has begun in 2001 with the process of creation of the performance "Dark love sonnets".  Farm in the Cave has performed in the Netherlands, Poland, Germany, Croatia, Slovakia, Austria, Great Britain, South Korea, Italy, Spain and Argentina.


Total Theatre Award, awarded by the British leading Total Theatre Magazine, awarded at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

A Fringe First Award, awarded by the Scottish newspaper The Scotsman and The Fringe Society, awarded at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

A Herald Angel Award, awarded by the British newspaper The Herald, awarded at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Main Award of The Alfred Radok´s Prize for the performance "SCLAVI/The Song of an Emigrant".

Main Award Velijka Maricice at the International Small Scenes Theatre Festival in Rijeka, Croatia.


Viliam Docolomansky and Farm in The Cave were awarded The Prize of the Theatre News and Sazka for Movement-based Theatre for "SCLAVI/The Song of an Emigrant".

Viliam Docolomansky was awarded The Personality of the Year by the festival Next Wave.


"The Voices of the East" project achieved the first position in an I-theatre poll in the category of Extraordinary Theatre Act.


Viliam Docolomansky was awarded The Slovak Literary Fund Award for the direction of the staging of "The Maids" (Jean Genet, BDNR, B??nsk?? Bystrica).


Viliam Docolomansky was awarded The Trojan Horse Award for choreography to the staging of "Mark?ta Lazarov??" (directed by J. A. Pit?nsk??, National Theatre, Prague).