Active holiday in CZ

The Czech Republic is an ideal country for an active holiday as it is surrounded by mountains and rivers. Mountain climbers and lovers of winter sports can take advantage of the high peaks and there are many „adrenaline? sports available, for instance bungee-jumping and parachuting. There are several dams which provide excellent opportunities for watersports such as windsurfing and waterskiing, and the rivers which flow down the steep slopes are perfect for a very popular boating sport in the Czech republic, the „river run?.


In case you decide on something a bit more relaxing, then the picturesque mountains, forests and romantic valleys are perfect for long walking tours, or short forest walks or horse treks. Many routes follow the borders of the republic and link up the tourist or cycle routes of the neighbouring countries. The rivers and dams provide perfect conditions for moments of calm for fishermen, as well as bathing and swimming. Golf lovers can also find a choice of seven 8-hole courses in the colourful countryside.

Recently, flying clubs are offering more and more attractive packages, and you can choose from rogalo flying, sport airplanes or treat yourself to a sight seeing flight in a hot-air balloon.


There is a wide range of classic accommodation establishments available, including chateaux, country-houses, and mountain lodges, as well a large choice of camping sites.

The rich and lush forests, the romantic river valleys, the ancient villages, the castles and courts, the charming towns and majestic mountain ridges are all there awaiting discovery.

Discover the beauty of the Czech republic your way.