ISSA’s mission

To fulfill the promise of quality care and education for each child, the International Step by Step Association (ISSA) promotes principles based on: democratic values, child-centered approaches, active parent and community involvement, and a commitment to diversity and inclusion. ISSA advances its mission by informing, educating, and supporting individuals who influence the lives of children. ISSA advocates for effective policies, develops standards, advances research and evidence- based practices, provides opportunities for professional development, and strengthens global alliances.

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ISSA’s 2008 Annual Conference

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Conference Preview

Active Citizenship: Democratic Practices in Education

The International Step by Step Association’s 9th Annual Conference, organized jointly with the World Forum Foundation
8th – 11th October, 2008, Budapest, Hungary

Preview of Conference Highlights
• Presentations by prominent invited speakers, plus paper and poster presentations by many conference participants;
• Meeting of the World Forum Foundation’s Global Leaders Project;
• A dialogue between the East and the West: an opportunity for exchanges among practitioners, researchers, and policymakers active in early childhood education;
• Exploring the links: an opportunity to bring early childhood education to new audiences, and to engage with educators who focus on other age groups;
• Professional development opportunities: workshops on such topics as advocacy skills, policy development, and research;
• Opportunities for sponsorship and exhibition;
• Field trips and an exciting cultural program.

Active citizenship is a popular notion these days, but what does it mean in practice? There are key issues both within schools and early education settings and in the communities they serve that deserve further exploration. Conference sessions will focus on active citizenship at the local level, environmental awareness and action, caring and service as essential elements of personal flourishing, pupil voice, and parental and community involvement in schools and early education settings.

Check out the ISSA website in the coming months for details of the program and registration instructions! For more information, please write to Eva Izsak: