Presentations and Handouts of the Pre-conference Reserach Seminar

14. 9. 2007

I. Plenary sessions:

·    Three Paradigms of Research – Dr. Chris Pascal and Dr. Tony Bertram.

Paradigms of Research.ppt

·    Case Study as the Method of Choice for Child Study – Dr. Robert Stake and Natalia Sofiy.

Case Study as the Method of Choice for Child Study_Stake.doc

Case Study as the Method of Choice for Child Study_Sofiy.ppt

·    Researching with Young Children: New Possibilities, Different Challenges - Alison Clark.

II. Workshops:

·    Qualitative Data Collection Methods from the Young Children Crossing Borders Study
– Dr. Tony Bertram, Dr. Chris Pascal, and colleagues.

Qualitative Data Collection Children Crossing Borders.doc

Ch In Europe article 1 0507.doc

·    Early Development Index as a Research Tool – Dr. Magdalena Janus and Cornelia Cincilei.

·    Building Pedagogical Standards from the Ground Up for Quality Improvement
– Dr. Tatjana Vonta and colleagues.

·    Qualitative Data Analysis Techniques from the Care Work in Europe Study -  Dr. Claire Cameron.

·    Hearing Silent Voices: Using Visual Methods to Involve Young Children in the Research Process
– Linda E. Lee.

Hearing Silent Voices EECERA Workshop Handout.ppt

·    Quantitative, Qualitative and Post-structural Methodologies: Getting Beyond the Dichotomy of the Good, the Bad and the Ugly – Dr. Michel Vandenbroeck.

Aisha Snoeck.pdf


Mothers search for infant child care.pdf

Peyton et al, 2001.pdf

Wall et al, 2004.pdf

·    Writing for publication
– Dr. Chris Pascal.

EECERA  Writing Workshop 1.doc

Routledge Writing for Journals.doc

Writing for Jornal Publication.1.ppt

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